Authentic moments, captured beautifully.

Loudoun Family Photography Reimagined

Loudoun family photography has been recreated to be a whole new experience! Loudoun Life Photo is the family photography project of award winning wedding photographer, Akbar Sayed.  The idea behind Loudoun Life Photo is that real memories occur in your home, not in a studio and not during a planned life style photography shoot. We realized that with the right process and approach, family photography can be something truly special.  With this in mind we’ve created the immersive experience where we immerse our selves into your real life to be able to capture the most beautiful intimate moments of your family.  Capturing your every day life allows you to relive the beauty that is your life. Based out of Lansdowne, Virginia, Loudoun Life Photo serves Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland (DMV). Click here to learn more about Loudoun Life Photo.