This is not okay.

The other day I was paying especially close attention to my three-year-old as my wife walked into the room dressed for the day.  In his understanding, this meant that she was getting ready to go somewhere.  His immediate reaction was to ask/request “Momma, you not leaving?” in his adorable little voice.  As cute as that is, I sensed the anxiety in his voice and my heart broke.  My heart broke for the over 3,700 kids that are currently separated from their parents.  I know how much my toddlers love me and my wife and to think that little kids that were brought to a new land and know nothing but the comfort of their parents are being ripped away is sick.

What we’re doing.

It was in the midst of this sadness that through Fearless Photographer‘s founder Huy Nguyen that I learned about photographer Charmi Peña‘s Families Belong Together Sessions initiative.  The initiative is a way for us photographers to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) or Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES).  Two organizations that are active in the fight to help reunite separated families.


Photographer’s that choose to be a part of the initiative will be donating a portion of their proceeds to either ACLU or RACES.  Each family photography session is a maximum of 2 hours and has a limit of 8 people per session.  The photography session fee is $300 ($200 of which will be donated to the organization of your choice).  You’ll receive 5 edited images as a part of your session with options to purchase a print or digital release package. The Families Belong Together initiative will be going on until the end of July. You don’t have to have your session photographed by then but must pay by the end of July for this initiative.

Want to help but don’t want a session?

Here are more ways you can get involved:

Donate to the Families Belong Together ACLU campaign page.
Donate to RAICES
– Text RESIST to 50409 and tell your Members of Congress how horrified you are.
– Contact your state representatives and congress members and let them know how this policy is not acceptable.

I hope you’ll join me in bringing families together.  If you’re interested please fill out the contact form and indicate that you want to bring families together.