Message from the Artist

A photo of Loudoun Life Photographer Akbar Sayed and his family.

In the first 5 years of our marriage, Nadia and I lived in 4 different cities. We moved from place to place trying to find somewhere to call home. Being a photographer allowed us to move around. We found our match in Landsdowne. We love the focus on family life, health and wellness and having a balanced lifestyle. It’s very much in line with how we live our life, focusing on nurturing our two young boys and creating a home filled with love and support.

I’m lucky that my profession allows me to capture beautiful, lovely moments of my wife and kids just being themselves. As a parent, I want to slow down time and have my kids be little forever. But the growth spurts won’t stop coming and I haven’t figured out how to stop them. So I rely on my pictures. When I stare into the eyes of my boys in these photos I am taken back to that moment, enjoying what has passed just one more time.

The mission of Loudoun Life Photo is to capture moments where every member of the family is physically, mentally and emotionally present. No one has to pause to smile or pose because real joy and smiles happen when you are present with the ones you love.

Funny name for a family business. It’s our way of saying thank you to Loudoun County for being our home.